ITAGO has launched a project to integrate ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) factors into the investment strategies and management processes of the portfolio companies

ITAGO SGR bases its investment strategy on the opportunities for development, efficiency and innovation offered by the world of Italian SMEs.

As part of its strategy and approach, the SGR recognizes the value of sustainability in the investment process: the integration of ESG factors is in fact a central need to identify and cultivate the growth and development opportunities of companies, monitor and manage risks and opportunities and generate value and positive impacts for investors and communities.

For this reason, the SGR is committed to integrating ESG factors within the investment selection and management process, adopting targeted tools and actions for each phase of their life cycle.

ITAGO’s commitment to sustainability

ITAGO aims to incorporate sustainability into its strategy and operations, and in particular in the investment management selection process in order to expand and strengthen the approach already adopted through the experience and know-how of the SGR’s investment team.

Attention to sustainability issues also derives from the objective of improving dialogue and collaboration with target investment companies and increasing the creation of value for the investors and stakeholders of the SGR.

To pursue its commitments and objectives, the SGR has defined a governance system dedicated to the management of sustainability issues: through the investment team and with the supervision of the monitoring of an ESG Manager (who reports directly to the Board of Directors), adopted and, where appropriate, updated the most appropriate practices to implement the approach to sustainable investment defined by the SGR.